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随着科学技术的不断提高,计算机科学日渐成熟,其强大的功能已为人们深刻认识,它已进入人类社会的各个领域并发挥着越来越重要的作用。时下聊天已成为人们相互交流的一种方式, 与E-mail、电话相比, 聊天服务更具有实时性和有效性。本聊天室从实际工程应用角度出发,以计算机网络原理为指导,结合当前网络中的一些常用技术,编程实现基于腾讯QQ聊天工具,采用Visual studio.net作为系统开发环境,使用C#语言,以SQL Server 为后台数据库的开发体系结构,应用Ajax技术实现了前台与后台的数据异步传输功能。最终实现了聊天程序的全过程。

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Along with science's and technology's unceasing enhancement, the computer science is mature day after day, its formidable function had known profoundly for the people, it entered the human society each domain and is playing more and more vital role. Chats at present has become one way which the people exchange mutually, with E-mail, the telephone compares, chats the service to have timeliness and the validity. This chatroom from actual project application angle embarking, take the computer network principle as the instruction, in union current network some commonly used technologies, the programming realizes based on leaps news QQ to chat the tool, uses the Visual to take the system development environment, uses the C# language, take SQL Server as the backstage database development architecture, the technology has realized the onstage and the backstage data asynchronous transmission function using Ajax. Realized finally chatted the procedure entire process.
Key words: C#, SQL Server, Chatroo