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本系统采用ASP.NET 技术作为创建应用程序的方式,以C#作为编程语言,采用SQL Server 数据库作为后台数据库。它是基于Browser/Server结构下形成的数据驱动的Web应用程序。
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The Internet pushed the world information turns the revolution, Internet provide a opernational board to manage and return infromation for all over the world.the internet creation shortened time that information deliver consumedly.
The electronic commerce numerical code product transaction system isprecisely arises at the historic moment in this kind of situation.Thus lets the consumer be confined at home may grasp the newestdigital information, understood and selects and purchases the digitalproduct which wants to have, has facilitated the consumer,simultaneously also enables the enterprise promptly to the generalcustomers sales promotion numerical code product, to construct theenterprise image, to cause the enterprise to sell the cost greatly toreduce, the intelligence transmission promptly is widespread, thuswins more customers, obtains a bigger profit.
This system basically followed the software engineering methodology tocarry on the system analysis, the system design, the detailed designand the software test.
 Has realized the user management, the news management, the productmanagement, the order form management, the product sale statistics,the user purchase statistics and the forum management as well as theuser registration, the search commodity, submits function and so onorder form.

 Key  words: ASP.NET   C#  SQL Server  Electronic commerce Digital product transaction