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电子商务系统正是在这种情况下应运而生的。本系统以神起之境为主题,采用ASP.NET 技术作为创建应用程序的方式,以C#作为编程语言,采用Access 数据库作为后台数据库。它是基于Browser/Server结构下形成的数据驱动的Web应用程序。

关键词: ASP.NET;C#; Access;电子商务
The Internet pushed the world information turns the revolution, Internet provide a opernational board to manage and return infromation for all over the world.the internet creation shortened time that information deliver consumedly.
The electronic commerce system is precisely arises at the historicmoment in this kind of situation. This system gets up the boundarytake the god as a subject, uses the ASP.NET technology to take thefoundation application procedure the way, to C# took the programminglanguage, uses Access database to take the backstage database.It is the data actuation Web application procedure which forms basedon the Browser/Server structure under.
This system basically followed the software engineering methodology tocarry on the system analysis, the system design and the detaileddesign.
Realized the user registration with to register, the video compactdisk type maintenance, the video compact disk information issue, theregistration member information maintenance, the shopping vehicle useand the order form transaction.

Key  words: ASP.NET;C#;Access;Electronic commerce