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College students' associations are college students according to the hobby of independent activities in accordance with the articles of association, the student organization. Student community is an important carrier of college campus culture, is the important component of the second classroom, students participate in student community, and is rich campus life, raises the interest hobby, expand the scope of knowledge, communication, enrich the inner world of important ways. It is the student thought political work a channel, also is the effective way to educate college, It is to build the school culture, construct the school's historical tradition, is of great significance. With the deepening reform of the education system and the college students' learning, lifestyle changes, university college student massorganization becomes the significantinfluence and cohesion.
College students' community has a history of more than 100 years. Our first strictly college student associations in 1904 capital university is an antioxidant, Russia will rally, young students through lecture, newspapers, hair handbill, etc, to protest in northeast China and war. Before and after the May 4th movement in 1919, a large number of modern significance of community, they widely spread, publications, promotion, which greatly promoted the patriotic democratic movement.
Since the 1990s, China's college students' associations vigorous development, many college students' associations of more than 50, some even reached 100. With the development of society, science and technology progress and the education reform, community in the development of the network, community, and the activity of social contact of new situation and new trends. According to the cyl central committee and China youth research center survey, more than 80 per cent of students attended school clubs, organizations or the Internet community, the average number of each club for 1.5 above. Student community, phyletic, dozens of people foremost thousand community members. According to the main content club activities can be divided into four categories: hobbies, XueXiLei theory and voluntary service, academic science. Student community service, education has ego self, self management, development and important social enlightenment function, its function and influence expanding education college, has become an important part of the work.
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