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摘要  本文介绍的是基于ASP.NET(VB语言)开发的公司商业网站中的企业网上订货系统。电子商务是中小企业计算机网络应用的未来,它能使企业降低运作成本,提高竞争力,实现利润最大化。随着网络的普及,很多用户选择了网上订货,方便快捷,并且为企业减少了费用。

关键词 VBNet  Asp.Net SQL Server2000  购物车  订单  权限
Abstract  This paper describes the business online ordering system based on ASP.NET (C # language) developed by jiayuan of the Group's business website. SME e-commerce is the future of computer network applications, it enables enterprises to reduce operating costs, improve competitiveness and to achieve maximum profits. With the popularity of networks, many users choose the online ordering, convenient and quick, and for the companies to reduce costs.
  Enterprise Internet ordering system is based on the Jiayuan company needs to achieve an online ordering prospects and background features. The prospects for consumer users, through the registration of a landing and can see more of the Company's products, and products according to their need to add to cart and submit orders. Background of this system is part of the more important part, the administrator of the landing rights of the products can be maintained, but also to manage orders.
  In this paper, from needs analysis, design, functional design, database design to the completion of detailed design and other details of the process.

Keywords  VB.Net Asp.Net  SQL Server2000  Shopping cart  Order form  Jurisdiction

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