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电视节目互动系统,采用ASP.NET 技术作为创建应用程序的方式,以C#作为编程语言,采用SQL Server 数据库作为后台数据库。它是基于Browser/Server结构下形成的数据驱动的Web应用程序。
关键字:ASP.NET;C#;SQL Server;电视节目互动

Interactive Television System
Along with the road passenger television industry high speed development, the information technology is getting more and more obvious to the televison support function, the traditional TV  watching pattern has been unable the request which satisfies the audiences to develop.Net media has broken with the tradition and made a signficant development in the media industry.
Interactive television system uses the ASP.NET technology to take the foundation application procedure the way, takes the programming language by C#, uses SQL the Server database to take the backstage database. It is the data driven Web application procedure which forms based on the Browser/Server structure under. Thus has facilitated the audiences,enha- ncement grade of service maximum limit.
This system has realized the backstage managers to the videos information as well as the the registration user's; The onstage users may search for the videos then watch them;members through the registration debarkation can join in the lottery in addtion. Moreover the system has also realized the customer online commemt and voted for the videos, the administrator can operate them.

Key  words:ASP.NET ;  C#;  SQL Server;  Interactive Television