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The Design and Implementation of Online Traffic Information Inquiry System
Nowadays, the development of online traffic information system in China is in a lower level. The way, in which most passengers can gain information, is too limited. So they are often dependent on the train or aircraft schedules, which can only be queried in the station. To solve this problem and speed up the development of transport information, designing an online traffic information query system is a practical application. In this paper, based on ASP.NET development platform, a set of B/S structured online traffic information query system has been designed and developed.
The paper firstly considers our present traffic status and different requirements of passengers, analyses the required function of the system. And then a detailed description of the main functional modules has been given, mainly including the query module and the update & management module.
In the end, according to the problems which have been found in the development and debugging phase, what the system should be improved has been proposed and the development experience has been sum up.
Key words: Transportation; ASP.NET; Query; B/S; Database