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本系统——航空售票系统,采用ASP.NET 技术作为创建应用程序的方式,以C#作为编程语言,采用SQL Server 数据库作为后台数据库。它是基于Browser/Server结构下形成的数据驱动的Web应用程序。不仅能方便旅客,还能节省航空公司的代理费用,加速资金周转。

关键字:ASP.NET;C#;SQL Server;航空售票
Along with Internet's development, the aviation passenger operationsscale is day by day great, the traditional booking way already couldnot satisfy the time the request.
This system - aviation booking system, uses the ASP.NET technology totake the foundation application procedure the way, to C# took theprogramming language, uses SQL the Server database to take thebackstage database. It is the data actuation Web application procedurewhich forms based on the Browser/Server structure under. Not only canfacilitate the passenger, but also can save the airline the proxyexpense, the acceleration turnover of capital.
This system basically followed the software engineering methodology tocarry on the system analysis, the system design, the detailed designand the software test.
Has realized the backstage manager to the airline, the scheduledflight and the order form information maintenance; The onstagecustomer lands through the registration may inquire the scheduledflight information, carries on orders ticket and examined own buystickets the information and may delete the manager confirmation theorder form information. Moreover the system has also realized thecustomer on-line message, the manager on-line reply function.

Key  words:ASP.NET    C#    SQL Server    Aviation booking