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Along with the science and technology unceasing enhancement, thecomputer science unceasingly develops, its formidable functionprofoundly was already known by the people, it already entered humansociety's each domain and is playing the more and more vital role.This system - center iron 16 game of goods and material handlinginformation system, then is from this arises at the historic moment.
This system operates in the platform in Windows XP, uses the Delphidevelopment kit to carry on the application programming, had thefriendly man-machine contact surface, the operation is simple, hasrealized to the commodity information, the warehouse informationmaintenance, purchased the information, goes into storage themanagement as well as the commodity information, the warehouseinformation, the purchase information which the information, thestorehouse information, stock inventorying, the stock accent pulledout, goes into storage the inquiry and the stock information which theinformation, the storehouse information, stock inventorying, the stockaccent pulled out as soon as looks at and so on the function.Center the iron 16 game of goods and material handling informationsystem development work mainly and maintains two aspects including thefront end application procedure development and the backstage databaseestablishment. Former request application procedure function complete,is easy to use; Latter requests to establish the data uniformity high,the integrity is strong, the secure good database.

Key words:Goods and material handling information system;Delphi;Database